Feb. 13, 2010

thank you for this great journey with you.

im so lazy blog writer :D and my computer is soooo slow. its going slower and slower everyday. i have to think guying new one soon.
im back to myself again! no pain or anything! monday tuesday night was painful, i woke up 2 times and i felt horrible pain on right side of my tummy. there is only few small bruises in my tummy to remind me what i just gone thru.

this is the end of my part. im kind of sad. i know im gonna miss our emails. L has been like a friend to me. she is kind, sweet person with awsome sense of humor! i know she is gonna be the best mom ever! i hope everything goes well, there has been too much disapointments for them. hope my many many follicles help!

Would i do this again? Maybe. i can still remember the pain, so my answer is maybe. but if i do, i want to do it same way like i did. i dont want to use agency. but i know if i do this, its not gonna be this great as its been now.

this was my horrible blog. i will post next time when i know, is my mission completed. otherwise, im not good blog writer, i leave it to someone who can do it!

maybe it would be easier to write in finnish, my native.

anyway, thank you L! this was great experience!

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  1. You did a great job of this blog, considering English is not your first language!! You did really well and your writing was getting better and better, but it must be hard work...so I understand wanting to leave it for now.

    I'm glad the process was a positive experience for you... For us it has given us more hope than we have ever had. There is so much potential and possibility from all you have done for us. We can't thank you enough and will always love you for the amazing gift you've given us.