Feb. 19, 2010

I had my final check up today, im great. Back to normal again, everything is fine. And i have lost weight a little abit! Which is more than great!

But...L did test today, and it was negative :( I feel so sad. I know they have alot of embryos still left that they can try again. But, this must me soooo stressful to her, i can´t even imagine. All the disappointments, ang they just keep coming more and more. They deserve to be parents! I don´t believe in God, even though i´m Christian...But God do something! Why you let so nice people to have all this misery in their lives???? I feel like i´m fail, even i know i´m not, i did my part already. But still, why they have to keep going this lonely road again???

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  1. Oh sweetheart thank you for posting. You're right - your part is done and you did such a wonderful job. YOU DID NOT FAIL, don't you dare blame yourself for a second...you have helped us so much and we will make this work. You gave us so many healthy embryos...so much hope. We'll just keep trying.

    We love you.