Feb. 9, 2010

All done.

i feel bad cause i haven´t update my blog. i just been busy. i wanted to spend last week with B, cause on monday he travelled to Mexico.

Everything went well though. I was acting like a monster with my hormons, but otherwise it was ok. i took all the shots, and my tummy was in bruises :D but taking shots was easy to me.

Last sunday was retrieval day. It was ok, i wasn´t nervous or anything, until...I woke up saturday-sunday morning and i felt horrible pain in my tummy, on right side. I though i just need to use washroom and that´s it. But it wasn´t. I could not even walk. I told B to call just someone and tell us what to do. B called to Dr.A. We would meet in a hour at the clinic. It felt like forever. I was sweating and i couln´t breathe cause i felt so much pain. I have never felt that much pain before. B drove us to clinic at 5am. Doctor did check up, and i was fine. The pain wasn´t that bad at this point. He said I have turn around when i was sleeping and that is what cause so much pain. I was fine and we went to home.

We stop buy at home, and i change my clothes and we drove back to downtown. To retrieval. It was ok place and easy to find. Exept, i hate the nurses there. They were kind of rude and they didn´t find my veins :( Then the doctor came and he find it right away! B came with me. It was really really painful, even if they gave me alot medicine. and i kept falling asleep and saw weird dreams.

anyway, im tired and uncomfortable...i tell you more tomorrow...


  1. thank you so much for this. you've done a wonderful, wonderful thing. im a woman who has two beautiful sons thanks to another young lady much like yourself. trust me, you've offered the greatest gift there is.

  2. S, I just want to say a huge appreciative thank you for all you have done for our L - you cannot imagine how grateful we all are - I, too have two gorgeous sons but I was fortunate - i did not need any help and what i want more in this world is for L to share in my joy of parenthood. You will always be remembered.... thank you thank you thank you!