Jan. 27, 2010

its the hormons, not me.

2 shots behind. They went well, giving shots is easy. Everything else...not so easy :D
I have been so sad today, specially in evening. I dont know, if its about the meds but...crying, laughing, crying, crying. Angry, happy, angry, happy. This reminds me the time i were pregnant. I didnt know it would effect this fast, but i think they do. Im waiting if i started to want cheap water tasting puddings :D

I feel weird. I want puppy. So bad. I think i want it more today than yesterday. Its dangerous to surf on kijiji or any websites where i can find puppy pics. I just want it so bad...and cause im lunatic, i think B wont let me take the dog, cause he wants to tease me :D I dont want to go back to Finland. I want stay. Do you think B wants me to go back, so it would be easier for him to leave me? What if he is with me only cause he feels he have to. I dont know, i should learn to talk more. But again, i want puppy...i want to bad, just go and buy one. i know if i do that, B will let me keep it...he just will be so mad to me....

My tummy feels...like few days before i get my periods. but this time its on both sides...its not bad. and no headaches!!!! even if i drinked only 2cups of coffee today.

I will write something, if something happens...or on friday when i get back from the clinic...any of my thoughts does not make any sense now...

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