Jan. 25, 2010

understanding what is baby fever

So, tomorrow is THE day! We are going to clinic for bloodwork and ultasound. And i can get my meds with me. And hopefully the nurse will give me a call later tomorrow, and tell i can start the injections! We have waited this day so much. I have wait, but i think L has wait even more!

Im not nervous. Not at all. Which is good thing i guess. Im not even worried, at all. And no stress anymore. So i think everythin will go very well. I though i will be nervous about the injections, but after the nurse showed how everything goes..i know i can do it! And B is prepared of everything, hah. he think on next few weeks i will cry, be mad to him without no reason etc. but he promised that there is always ice cream and chocolate to make me feel better.

PUPPY FEVER! i have huge puppy fever. Now i finally can understand women who has huge baby fever..i never did, but now i know. i have been knitting little sweaters to my future puppy. My days go surfling chihuahua websites...I would love to have puppy now! but i think we should wait, until im back from Finland and we have move to cheaper apartment. But i would really want one now!!!!!I dont even want to buy thing to myself, i just wanna go to petsmart and buy thing to puppy! im gonna spoil it so badly someday..... waiting waiting waiting for my little "baby"

More about tomorrow...after i have come home from the clinic...im so excited! I hope L is doing well, i know she has a lot of stress, and all she can do is wait wait wait. But she is strong, one of the strongest woman i know. Who can still be so funny and take some of these things with humor, after living years years with infertility. She can do this, we are almost there...

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