Jan. 26, 2010

i need some medicine baby!

yes i need, but not like the song, bad medicine. im gonna take only the good ones! and hopefully i will feel this well after i have take injection few days...
my meds. for now. so here we go, tonight is really the day! everything starts, for real. all the paperwork is done! B and i went to clinic at the morning. I was feeling bad for L, cause she was waiting at the clinic. We were late, and i didnt have chance to talk with L. Its ok though, i hope we will see after all this is done. Maybe have a cup of coffee and discuss how we felt about all this. If she is not want to do that, thats ok. Im fine with anything!

So i did everything to injection pen what i supposed to before first shot. There is something wrong with me, cause i couldnt wait until 9, i did it like 8.30pm. i was so excited. needle was so small and thin, and it did not hurt at all! it went well, like i have already said, everything will go ok! On friday i need to to clinic for bloodwork and ultrasound.

until friday...knitting and looking for puppy(im not gonna buy one, B wont let me:D)

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