Jan. 21, 2010

sex and chocolate = less stress

Stress. that is poison to my body right now. i shouldn´t stress about anything. i want my eggs to be not just good, i want them to the best! B is stressed out more than i am... We just have to do our best to make eachother happy.

Chocolate. Finnish milk chocolate. I bought some today. And i ate it all! Can you believe??100g chocolate, and it felt like one bite. But it´s so good, best chocolate ever. I was in heaven. Yes, i have an addiction. Too bad i did not buy more....maybe i have to go tomorrow or monday to buy more....Maybe i need to start to eat dark chocolate, cause it´s much more healtier? Hmm..I wann go to chocolate bath. I wanna eat chocolate guitar. I could gover myself with chocolate. Yep, im weirdo and i just love finnish chocolate.

Sex. Finally, something is happening here. B is working at nightshifts, and doing some overtime too. So he is reaaally tired almost all the time. But yesterday, he got home after 5am, and woke me up with small shy kisses...awwww! When i woke up today, i feel like im new person, i was so happy and full of life. And i did not even know about the chocolate yet.
Im sooo in love. There no such a thing what makes me leave B. And it´s weird, but everytime im next to him, i want him so bad.

I send emails with L today. I don´t know how she do it? Everytime i read her emails, i got this happy, warm feeling. Feeling like i have purpose. She has been so great to me. I think i couldn´t do the same, if i would be on her situtation. I can´t even imagine how stressful it´s been in past years. But yes, happy to do it. I read some instructions about the injections, and i think i will be fine! Im looking forward to give the injections. We just have to be careful, we can´t mix our needles. They look quite similar. Hormones to B and insuline to me?? Not so good thing, and i think B´s eggs wouldn´t be as good as mine!

I hope in few months i can hear some really happy and positive news from L.

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