Jan. 20, 2010


Jeijj! It was nice to meet the lawyer. He was really nice person, and he explain me alot. There is few thing he wants to talk about with L´s lawyer and then it´s done, all the legal stuff i mean, hah.
I also went to the clinic. They took bloodwork and ultasound(like eveytime). It went well. The nurse also teach me how to take injections, and that went well also. She said im born to take injection :D haha that well i did it. The nurse is nice, i like her. We have alot of fun and jokes. And B was with me, so he practise to give injections too :D haha, even though he knows how to do them. But it was sweet of him.

So everything with that donation is fine!Looking forward to do it. I just want to do it soon! Sooner im all done, sooner i can go back to Finland and sooner i can come back.

Im just worried, worried about everything else. Im worried about my love B. He has to see the familydoctor tomorrow, to hear his bloodwork and ecg results. Hope everything is fine. Im worried about out our situtation, we both are soooo stressed out. He will have to leave soon, in 1,5-2weeks, im sad. I cant go same time as he will. That means i cannot come back same time that he is. And he is worried about that something will happen to me when he is gone, i mean with the donation. We will be apart 2-5months. That kills me.

I love different emotions. I love to be happy, sad, smiling, crying. But i hate to be stressed out. I have huge headache now, cause im thinking too much. Everything goes just the way we didnt plan. I feel everything is out of control, and there is nothing i can do to fix it. When i start to take injections...cant wait the different emotions, hah. The nurse said, there might be some.... But i have been pregnant once, and it was...well lets say, interesting time with feelings...

I think nothing im writing does not make any sense today.. I just want to be back here soon as i can, start to work and live normal life. i hate this travelling and immigration etc. But someday...someday i promise i will have my own house and my little chihuahua :D and huge garden :D

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