Jan. 19, 2010

me. blog. my eggs.

Im S. Im 25 years old. I love black color, different emotions, good food and late summer nights. I love long sunday mornings, wake up beside my love, B. I love tattoos, dogs and cold beer after sauna. Im ordinary girl. There is nothing amazing with me. Im living my dream, I am in my new home country, my future home country. I have amazing, the best boyfriend ever. I will keep him in my heart forever.

That was who I am. Now I will tell what this blog is. This is all about eggs. My eggs. Soon im donating my eggs to L and her husband C. This is all about my thoughts during the process. Apologize my horrible english, im learnign..haha...How everything started… I have think about this when I was in Finland. I remember when my close friends and relatives fight against infertility. I couldn´t even think about what that feels. When I saw them to be sad, dissapointed, hopeless. I hope I could help them somehow. Somehow I forgot these thoughts, cause one after one my friends gave up. Im glad, that there is still some of you, who are still trying.

I think I was at home, just surfing in websites, and I found you! L was looking for egg donor. I sit and think. And I think. Maybe this would be the time to help someone, give something of me to someone who really needs it. All my thoughts about donating my eggs were my mind again. I wrote email to L. That was the day everything started. I dont know why I havent start to write blog before…now I have so much to write

Financial. There is nothing do with money. I was not thinking about it when I started to write with L. And after I met her at the first time, i got this warm and happy feeling. It just to great that I can help someone.

We are in that point, that I will see the lawyer tomorrow. We are gonna check the agreement and see if its ok to us. After that I have time to go for lunch or coffee with B. He promise to come with me. And its great, cause everytime im nervous or something, I forget to ask things etc..At 12 I will go to the clinic, to bloodwork and ultrasound. They are gonna show me how to take injections also. Everyone in the clinic are so nice. I have never feel uncomfortable there. Im excited and nervous. Im always excited about these meetings, but im nervous about the injections…hope B can help me, if I cannot do it myself, haha. He has been so great to me. When I told him, that I want to do this, he said he support me as much as he can. But I knew it. He is so nice and warm person. Im so happy that I have someone like him in my life.

More tomorrow, im gonna meet real lawyer for the very first time, exciting...haha!

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